Now you don’t need to shell out $4000 a day just to get an idea of how Jay Conrad Levinson’s Seven Step Marketing Plan works. This is a must-have for every budding Internet marketer. These are things you have to think over and write down before you go about your business.


What is the purpose of your business? This will be your guiding star when it comes to building your business. Your purpose is very important so that you will be able to anchor yourself effectively in the business. Most businesses are created to fill a need. What particular need will your business fill in this big world where purchases are being made left and right?


What benefits will the people have in your business? If you were to put yourself in the place of your customer, what will he see from your business that will be most useful to him? Remember, you cannot expect to get people’s attention unless they get to benefit from you.

Target Audience

This is also another important question you must ask yourself. Who is your target audience? You cannot just aim your arrows without the right target. In order to be very efficient in what you do, you need to focus your attention somewhere specific. You will not be able to get too many subscribers if your business is too general.

Marketing Weapons

What will you be using to be able to achieve your ends? Will it be heavily on affiliate marketing techniques, display ads, Ezine ads or the like? You can’t have everything, especially when you are starting out. So the best way to maximize your resources is by means of naming which of the techniques you would choose to focus on for your business.

Niche or Sub-target

A target audience is a general group of people you want to give your services to. A sub-target or niche is the particular sub-group within the wide group you have chosen to cater to.