A detailed guide to pet massage with clear and complete information including illustrations. The author, Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt, is a licensed massage therapist and considered an expert in the field. In addition to learning the massage movements to help your dog relax, basic dog anatomy is covered as well as routines for health problems.

The author, MaryJean Ballner, is a licensed massage therapist who says that the results from dog massage can be amazing. This well-explained guide book describes in good detail all the "pawticulars" of a pet massage. Among the more than 50 dog massage techniques described, are some interesting titles: Shoulder Strumming; Base Fiddling; Dog Sandwich and Belly browsing to name a few.
Massage techniques you can use knowing that your dog or cat can benefit by deepening their relaxation, preserving health, preventing injury and by giving your pet the bonding experience through the gift of your loving touch of massage.