How do you become a mystery shopper? So basically sign up with as many companies as you can, take the basic assignments. You may wonder where do I find these companies and how much money can I make as a mystery shopper.
The money for mystery shopping can be pretty good. a person working as a mystery shopper can easily made $300 a month for about 6 hours of work. $50 per hour isn't bad at all for a side/extra income.

You need to possess a certain level of responsibility and professionalism in order to be an effective mystery shopper. However, you should never have to pay to get a job as a mystery shopper. You have to be real careful so you do not get scam. There are many companies claiming  they will send you mystery shopping jobs  by paying them a registration fee. They will claim they will teach you the steps to becoming a  mystery shopper. This may be true, but is also completely unnecessary.