Medical Transcription can be a great way to earn a homebased income. Medical transcription is a profession that will allow many individuals who are seeking to work from the comfort of their home a way to earn extra income. The market for Medical Transcription is in high demand. Many medical practices will need MTs thoughout the US as every medical practice will need MTs, but what kind of profession is this really? Can medical transcriptionists really work from home? How hard is it to find a job as an MT? And how exactly does one go about finding a work from home job after receiving medical transcription training?

How to start and successfully run your own professional medical transcription business, 2. How to blend career and lifestyle, working when and where you choose, 3. How to save time and money using the latest technology and techniques, and 4. How to tap into medical transcription telecommuting opportunities and access a global client base. Includes new opportunities for independent medical transcriptionists -- for novice and seasoned MTs. Step-by-step guidance in getting an independent medical transcription business off the ground. Successfully managing an ongoing business. Achieving the satisfaction and rewards that come from being an in-demand key player in the health care industry.