When you search  on google ebay auctions for income you will find an expert telling you how he can show you how you can make money on ebay for thousands of dollars.  They have slick marketed bunch of information that you can basically get for free on Ebay It's not a REAL internet business and certaily NOT worth thousands. It's not hard to make a full time income on auction sites like Ebay if you know what you are doing. Millions of people make a living off of auction sites

Nowadays, there are thousands or even  millions of individuals who have the same goal of making money online using ebay auctions for homebased income. This, unfortunately, means that you will be facing an increasing competition every day. Still, you can stand out and continue making the income that you want with a little bit of help. Here comes the role of good marketing.

Make thousands of dollars per week--with little or no financial risk--selling other people’s stuff on eBay. How to Start and Run an eBay Consignment Business explains how to locate and work with consignors and successfully deal in the goods they want to sell, including collectibles, retail store closeouts, estate items, corporate merchandise, and much more.

    Determine what will sell well on eBay
    Find the best consignment customers
    Decide how much to charge for your services
    Create compelling listings
    Run successful auctions
    Set up an eBay store for fixed-price selling
    Open your own consignment storefront or a franchise
    Reduce your eBay fees
  Build your credibility and offer superior customer service