Regardless of whether you plan to open a small campus coffee cart or take on the world with an internet startup, the College Entrepreneur Handbook is a real world guide that can help you reach your dreams. It's loaded with information on how to manage your time and develop creative solutions around the barriers that might otherwise discourage you from fulfilling your dreams.

This easy-to-absorb guide focuses on the essential aspects of developing a sound business venture:

* Using the resources around you
* Understanding your tax and legal requirements
* Creating an organizational structure
* Managing your time
* Finding mentors to help you in your business
* Understanding your responsibilities

Don't take a part-time job to help pay for school - own your own business! With the right idea and the know-how outlined in this guide, you could be on your way to becoming the next Federal Express, Dell Computers, Nantucket Nectars, or one of the many others founded by college students.