Learn how to start your home based business by providing a service for other businesses, here are a few ideas for starting a Business home-based business on how to start and successfully run your own professional independent homebased business.
How to achieve satisfaction and rewards from being a key player in providing a service for other businesses. How to maximize income by taking full advantage of tax-saving opportunities.
This book provides focused, practical guidance on beginning a consulting business that teaches you how low overhead and a high degree of organization can translate into a six-figure income—in many cases, while working from a home office. Along with a wealth of helpful charts and tables, here is comprehensive coverage of essential areas such as:
   * How to finance a consulting practice
   * Marketing consulting services to corporate clients
The tips and practices in 'Leader As Coach' will enable you to sharpen your coaching skills so that you can attract and retain the talent you need for success, foster growth in others, provide effective feedback, orchestrate learning opportunities, and groom high-potential performers. After all, your people are your most important asset.

Within these pages you’ll find:
--Five high-impact strategies for effective coaching.
This book will be a valuable tool for anyone who does not understand what a medical transcriptionist is or does, and does nothing but give the honest and actual facts. A great contribution to the profession. -- Stella J. Olson, CMT, business owner and past president of the American Association for Medical Transcription