If you love to arrange things, are highly organized and know the right people in the right places, such as bridal boutiques, wedding stores,floral services, catering companies, and reception venues, starting a bridal and wedding consultancy business is the ideal venture. While this is a tough job, it is a great way to give way to your creative and innovative ideas by making others special day a memorable one.

Starting a bridal and wedding consultant business offers a fantastic opportunity to earn an excellent income and become popular as a great organizer and planner. It is a greatly satisfying business too as you are responsible for making someone else’ day memorable and wonderful.
Wedding is a huge business in America. More than four million people tie the knot annually, spending over $85 billion on services and products. Because of that a bridal and wedding consultant business is a great home based business to earn extra income at home.
As a Bridal Consultant, you would need superior time and people management skills. Diplomacy and negotiating skills are a must, as you will frequently be dealing with one bride, as well as other family members who all will have strong opinions about what they want to see happen at the wedding.

Discover the newest wedding trends, such as destination weddings, tapas-style catering, disposable video cameras, wedding logos and more-and find out how to be the first to adopt new trends. Plus, learn everything else you need to know to start and run a successful wedding consultant business, including:

   * How to market your services and find customers
   * Tips from the pros for handling the unexpected
   * What licenses and permits you need
   * How to avoid common mistakes
   * How to negotiate with vendors to get the best prices
   * The most important contacts to make
   * And more!